Best Iftar and Buffet Deals in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Sehri Buffet for Rs. 650/head @ BBQ Tonight [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs. 699/head Plus Tax @ Pizza Hut [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs. 1800+Tax @ Serena [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs.1295+ Tax @ Street1 Cafe [Islamabad]

Iftar Platter Rs.450 + tax @ Nirvana Cafe. [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs.1,450/head @ Majlis [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs.675/ Head @ Diva Restaurant [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs.689/Head Plus Tax @ Monal [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs.950/Head @ Signature by Masooms [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs. 1069/Head + Tax @ Cafe 1969 [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs.799/Head Plus Tax @ Khiva [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs.725 +5% Charge @ Olive Garden [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs.850/Head Plus Tax @ Heng Chang [Islamabad]

10%off on Menu & Complimentary Iftar Platter @ Upper Deck [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs. 999/head Plus Tax @ Pappasallis [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs.949/head Incl Tax @ Zefra [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet Rs.799/Head Plus Tax @ Addiction Cafe [Islamabad]

Iftar Set Menu for Rs.550 + Tax @ Kuch Khaas [Islamabad].

Iftar Buffet Rs. 1,199/head Plus. Tax @ Rock Bistro [Islamabad]

Iftar Set Alacarte Menu Rs.499+Tax @ Cave Diner [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs. 650/head Plus Tax @ Incantare [Islamabad]

Iftar Alacarte Set Menu for Rs. 300/head @ Rayyan's [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs. 899/head + Tax @ Des Pardes [Islamabad]

Iftar Set Menu Buffet Rs.999+ Tax @ Espresso Lounge [Islamabad]

Iftar Buffet for Rs.1150/head Plus Tax @ Chaaye Khana [Islamabad]

Iftar Set Menu for Rs.430 /head Incl. Tax @ Habibi [Islamabad]

Iftar Set Menu Rs. 399/Head Incl. Tax @ Table Talk [Islamabad]

2 Zinger Burgers for Rs. 325 @ KFC [Islamabad]

WoW Meal: 1 Pc Chicken, 1 Zinger & Drink Rs.400 [Islamabad]

Alcarte Menu Rs.1300/Head +Tax @ Polo Lounge [Islamabad]

McChicken Burger, 4Pc nuggets, Fries & Drink Rs.299 [Islamabad]

Spicy McCrispy Burger, 4pc wings, Fries, Drink Rs.399 [Islamabad]
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